Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November...what a month!

November was supposed to be the month I wrote my first novel. Instead it turned out to be one of the worst months of my life! The first couple of days started well with the writing, then it was a little shaky, before I picked up again on the second week, but after that it all went to pot!

I knew after the second week that I wasn't going to meet the 30th November deadline for my book, but I fully intended to give it a damn good go. I knew I would fall behind in the third week due to a mini-break with my other half in Amsterdam, but I planned to play catch up once I returned. But, as with all plans, they never work out as you think they will.

On the day of our return from Amsterdam, I discovered that my sister and mum were going through some personal issues, which I can't really go into at this time, this mean't that my ten-month-old nephew was to live with me for a while. Having no children of my own and Mason being the only child I have ever really been around it has been an incredibly difficult two weeks, with little sleep, toys everywhere, lots of sick and dirty nappies and one very poorly little baby. Thankful this nightmare is coming to a close and he will soon be back with his Mummy, but for now he is staying with his Nanny and Popsy.

In the middle of last week my other half, Dean, found out that someone very close to him had been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. This was a massive blow to both of us, but we are hoping that the outcome will be positive. 

During all of this I have had to play piggy in the middle and try and remain positive for everyone and with one thing sorted, I feel emotionally drained. Things at home are starting to get back to normal and my dogs are pleased that there is no snotty baby tugging at their ears! With normality resumed, here's to December!

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