Monday, 3 September 2012

Do books change the way we live?

You hear and read all the time about how television, films, music and video games affect people and they way in which they think and live, but I have never heard that say about books. Why? Book's have just as much power, if not more, over people, so why do we never discourage people from reading a book because it will influence them in some way?

The reason I ask, is because recently a very close friend of mine changed her whole life after reading a book. The book in question... Fifty Shades of Grey. She had her own home, a comfortable job, in a stable relationship and was planning her wedding. She thought her fiance was everything that she wanted in a man and was preparing to settle down with him and spend the rest of their lives together.

Fifty Shades of Grey changed all of that.

Ok, well maybe it wasn't 100 per cent the books fault. But after reading the book, seeds where planted and she found herself with the realisation that she wanted more from life, wanted to travel, move, try a new career and more importantly she wanted to be with a man who wanted to do all of those things with her and more.

The reality was that he didn't want to change any aspect of there lives and he was happy being who he is. Refusing to compromise, she now finds herself as a newly single woman with a stack of CV's ready to send down to London.

Like millions of women around the world she wants to find her Mr Grey. Her's is a  man who will treat her the way that she wants to be treated, will help fulfill her adventurous side and support her in reaching for her dreams.

As a friend, I will support her with all of the decisions that she makes, but deep down I know that Mr Grey doesn't really exist. Just like men and romance in films, the reality is always very different. But, hey, that's life!

I am sure there are women all around the world who have changed there lives after reading a book, but this was my first hand experience that I wanted to share. For me, this story proves how insanely powerful books can be, which is why I love them.

Now back to reading A Charming Man x

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